Preparing To Talk About Race

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Talking About Race, Sometimes Awkward But Always Necessary; Let’s start now Talking about race with people who are different than you can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and doable. The fact is racism exists, racial conflict exists, and inequality still exists. If you’re interested in beginning the conversation read on. Even some people who work in the diversity…

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Necessary Conversations About Race

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In my last post I said that conversations about race may be awkward but are very necessary. A woman sent me a comment that said, “if  you didn’t mention race so much, it wouldn’t be an issue. You’re perpetuating division.” Issues like the scarcity of people of color in the technology industry and the excuses and false belief that there…

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It's Ok to Feel Awkward About Race

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  Talking about race with people who are different than you can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and doable. The fact is racism exists, racial conflict exists, and inequality still exists.  To say that we are post-racial is nonsense. To say that everyone is the same is nonsense. And to say that we should all be color blind…

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Teen On Trial- Accused of Stealing 65 cent milk

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Teen charged w stealing 65-cent milk carton on trial via @HuffPostCrime According to Huffington Post a young Black teenager is accused of stealing a 65 cent container of milk, He was on the free lunch program already and forgot to get his milk. He cut through the line, was seen by a security guard,  handcuffed and arrested. oThe guard…

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Intersection of Diversity, Race and LGBTQ

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I was honored to be a special guest of Carole Copeland Thomas on her Conversations With Carole, on Understanding Intersections between race, diversity and LGBTQ. This is an important topic and everyone is included in real inclusion. If we support diversity and inclusion, then we can’t pick and choose which issues are real, or stay in our little comfort zones….

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Do You Let Friends Make LGBT or Racist Jokes?

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“I have a friend who keeps making offensive jokes about  LGBT  people and racist comments about Black people, but I don’t say anything. I don’t want my friend to be mad or hurt her feelings,” a colleague told me.   My reply, “If you are really a diversity champion, if you support equal rights and opportunity for everyone, then you…

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Diversity and Inclusion Live Under Our Umbrella

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A recent email message said, “It seems like every time I read the news, there is some story about racism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, agism, gender discrimination. What’s going on? In the “old days “ you didn’t hear about all of this discrimination. It’s because people are overly sensitive. You can’t say anything without being accused of wrong doing.” The sender…

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Did Beyonce´Use A Racial Slur?

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Iggy Azalea claimed that Beyoncé used a racial slur against White people in her new album Lemonade. Iggy was upset, and went on a twitter rant about the use of the name “Becky” when in her song Sorry, about infidelity, Beyoncé says “He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair.” According to…

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Three Ways to Prevent Discrimination in Your Business

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Three Ways to Prevent  Discrimination in Your Business Whether discrimination is unintentional or intentional, the impact is the same, and no amount of rationalization makes it acceptable.  Here are three ways you can prevent discrimination in your business. 1- Be conscious of your personal biases and learns to filter them out. Bias and wrong assumptions won’t go away without intervention….

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Racing With Howard Schultz

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When Howard Schultz announced the “Race Together Campaign,” he was met with criticism by those in denial that there are any issues regarding race in the US, and by social activists who said he “did it wrong.” Schultz may not have “done his research,” or created a working foundation for baristas and customers to have constructive discussions on race, but…

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