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Three Ways to Manage Holiday Stress Or Any Other Day

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  1. Learn to relax If you start the day stressed, you will be stressed all day. Balanced breathing, however, can keep you calm all day and help you will sleep better at night. Balanced breathing also improves health and prevents headaches, backaches and stomach problems.
    Balanced Breathing
    • Find a quiet place with no interruptions for ten minutes.
    • Get comfortable.
    • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
    • Feel your breath go down through your chest.
    • Then, as you breathe out, say the word ãoneä to yourself.
    Repeat this breathing pattern for at least five minutes. Remember, the more time you practice, the more relaxed youâll get.
  2. Use the Control, Change, or Let Go Process- Many people spend time trying to control things they have no control over. The frustration this causes leaves no time or energy to control the things they can control. Don’t waste time on worrying and obsessing. When you are stressed out, determine whether you can control the situation, or change it. If you can’t, learn to let go.
    Learning to let go is a process you can learn. Use self -talk to you remind yourself you can’t control other people, places and things. However, by controlling your thoughts, you can control your emotions, which can bring your stress level down.
    For example, you can’t control the weather. If business is slow because of weather, worrying is a waste of time. Instead, work out a way to increase business to make up the loss. Maybe you can run a 2-for-1 special or offer a free dessert to increase traffic.
    If you create a new menu item, you can’t control whether someone likes it or not. If people don’t order it, you can change it or replace it.
  3. Create time to do the things you enjoy. Most people fill their time with work related or “have to” activities, and leave no time for themselves. This contributes to burn-out, physical exhaustion, and loss of purpose., which leads to lower productivity. Make a date with yourself in your planner. If you don’t commit in advance it won’t happen. Remind yourself that by doing things you enjoy, you will get more work done, be more creative, and have more energy to be with friends and family.
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