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Three Business Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

A reporter asked me for three business benefits of diversity. Here is my responsediversity

1- Breakthrough innovation in products and services
Research in the US and Europe shows that breakthrough innovation is increased and accelerated by diversity and inclusion when certain factors are in place-
• Senior leadership has a diversity and inclusion mindset
• People know each other on an interpersonal level, even when work is virtual
• The environment is free from fear of making mistakes and people learn from failing

2 Developing long-term relationships with customers in new markets and new customers in present markets. This is more than just one time business with a different demographic.

3- With the right kind of diversity management, reputation and referrals can grow exponentially, and with no diversity, or lack of diversity management, reputations and business can crash.

There are many more benefits that I’ll share in future posts or just contact me

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