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January 2010 – Three Ways to Create a Dynamic Workplace

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Three Things You Can Do Immediately to Create The Dynamic Workplace Where Employees Love to Go, and Customers Love to Buy

1) Assess how you impact your employees, colleagues and customers.

Are people comfortable giving you feedback, presenting new ideas and even saying hello to you?

The next time you are at work, notice how people react to you. Do they walk past you without looking at you, or do they greet you?

When was the last time you asked employees, colleagues or other senior leaders for an idea?

Are people willing point out any of your mistakes or are they too intimidated because how they’ve seen you react in the past?

If you want a breakthrough, cutting edge organization you need to “nurture,” the genius of the people in it. You may be brilliant but there is also untapped brilliance in your organization. If others are comfortable around you, they’ll be better able to think of new ideas, products, and services that they can present to you.

Spend the day listening to yourself and consider how your might view yourself if you were one of your employees, managers or customers.

2) Talk to two employees with whom you normally don’t interact. If you don’t know their names, introduce yourself and ask for their names.

Ask each one for idea or suggestion they have to either make their work easier, or to make the organization more successful. Listen to their answer, and acknowledge their ideas. If you hear something that you like, let them know and talk to others about implementation.

3) Tell three of your managers to do the same, and tell them to tell three other managers. Have them send you any good suggestions they hear with the name of the employee who made that suggestion. Acknowledge the employee for the idea, and the manager for discovering the “untapped brilliance,” and recognizing it.
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