In honor of Gay Pride-

Please promise to never use the term “sexual preference.” It’s culturally ignorant and you sound like you know nothing.

 When someone who should know better uses it, it’s simply 
offensive. Please think about sexual orientation and gender identity. Being Transgender is not a sexual orientation.

A person can be Transgender and be straight  or lesbian, bisexual or gay.

This is a good time to learn, ask questions and be educated.

Read about the history of LGBT people, it will help you understand the present and where we need to go in the future.

If you believe in diversity and inclusion, then include LGBT. If you are LGBT and say you believe in diversity and inclusion, consider the fact that diversity and inclusion includes more than just LGBT people, and that every dimension of diversity is in the LGBT population. 

Don’t only focus on differences, also look for commonalities and start a discussion.
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