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Diversity, Inclusion and Love Are Power Today

By January 27, 2017 No Comments

Diversity doesn’t go away because we have a president who is not on the side of diversity. People still need and want inclusion, and diversity and inclusion is the heart and driver of long-lasting innovation.

I hear and know how upset, angry and scared so many people are by the rhetoric and white nationalism, and/or homophobia, islamaphobia, anti-semitism, etc. During times like this, self- isolation can open the doors to fear and feelings of powerlessness but you, me and we can turn it around.power

Remember that we have the power of our purse and the power of our feet to patronize and not patronize businesses that do discriminate. We have social media and know how to use it. We need to use the power we have, and we have the power to help businesses that welcome us. We have the power to expose hate so haters can’t hide by playing the role of victims.

If we believe in the unity and love expressed at the marches on Sat. we need to stand together, and see an act of discrimination against one group is an act of discrimination against all. If we take the line, “it’s not against us, just THEM (whoever them is in any situation) we will be destroyed, despondent and be onlookers to other people’s discrimination. We need to feel part of every group that is in danger and create a tidal wave of love that wipes out any hate and bigotry in our path. And our tidal wave of love can sweep up the undecided, the fearful and fence sitters so they too will join us.