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Stop Hating- Chicago Anti-Diversity Dyke Marchers

It’s crazy when I see the ultra-left and the ultra-right merging in their ignorance, hatred and narrow-mindedness. Too bad we can’t send them to an island to fight it out or whatever they want to do with their leisure, elitest, exclusionary time. I just wish they would stay out of my city, gay pride (right wing Christians picketing and ultra-left anti-semitic fools kicking out Jewish women from the Dyke March in Chicago,) and stop trying to control everyone else that doesn’t agree with them. The self-righteousness is nauseating, ignorant and irritating. Hate from the right and hate from the left is hate. Hate is hate is hate is hate. 

no hate stop hating start love tolerance and forgiveness forgive enemies no discrimination or racism

no hate stop hating start love tolerance and forgiveness forgive enemies no discrimination or racism

I’m glad my work is in diversity and inclusion and I know how to help people listen to each other. We have been able to get the so-called “Family Values,’ people together with the LGBTQ groups in some companies. We have gotten police and community together. So I have no tolerance for people who have nothing else to do but jump on people who may accidentally said the “wrong thing,” instead of educating or learning where people are coming from.

It’s ironic that LGBTQ people have  fought for years to be “included,’ to have the same rights as everyone else. Progress and victories have been won because of the way that LGBTQ people were able to organize themselves and get support from a wide diversity of people, business, media, unions, Hollywood, every day people from everywhere and people who changed as a result of knowing LGBTQ people. There was no litmus test for support other than people voicing support. Look at the two lawyers who went to court for “gay marriage.”

So when I read about the women in Chicago who kicked out the Jewish women because they had signs with Jewish stars, and then made assumptions of who these women were, I can only think that these ignorant people somehow have the luxury to pick and choose and decide who is a “good enough” person worthy to march.

With a movement  to take away the rights of LGBTQ people, these Chicago Dyke March controllers are doing their best to alienate and push people towards apathy and enmity. Religion Symbols Flower Love Colors

They are not friends of diversity no matter their sexual orientation and their actions smack of anti-semitism, hate and bullying.

The sad part is that they are fueling more hate because exclusionists are using this incident to turn people against LGBTQ claiming these women represent all LGBTQ.




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