The Myths and Realities of Four Generations in the Workplace

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I’ve been designing a new workshop on “The Myths and Realities of Four Generations in the Workplace.” I’ve observed a tendency in some organizations, and by some authors on generation differences, to categorize and stereotype people based on the years they were born. I’ve come to realize that while each generation has been impacted by events and experiences as they…

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Speaking the International Language of Nintendo

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I recently returned from a three-week vacation with my 15-year-old son. We went to London, Cannes, Italy and New York. As “The Inclusionist,” I keep my eyes and ears open for inclusion opportunities and challenges. I loved traveling with my son, but I was also aware of some of our generation differences, and how those differences impacted our activities. I…

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Success of Simma's Generational Cross-Mentoring Program Featured in HRO

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Simma was interviewed for a recent Human Resources Online article, “Bridging the Generational Techno-Divide”. The author investigated the ongoing challenge that many companies have in building trustful, constructive relationships between employees across the generational spectrum. According to the article, companies large and small are struggling to overcome the wide gap in new technology skills that exists between older employees of…

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Laughing at the Generations- age old stereotypes

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On Friday I facilitated a program entitled, “Generations and Beyond,” for Out and Equal, which explored the intersections of generations, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity. During my presentation I talked about the fact that a lot of what we hear about each generation are stereotypes and that there are people in their 70’s who are techies and that there are…

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