Do We Still Need Conversations About Race?

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I host “The Inclusionist” person on the street segment for the Swirl show on KOFY TV in SF. I ask people on the street questions related to diversity, inclusion, current events and life diversity.  My latest question was “Do we still need to have to have conversations about race in the US?”I spoke to people from different cultures, races, agee…

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Does Banishing, Firing and Suspending Solve the Duck Dynasty Syndrome?

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Let’s consider the  bigger picture regarding racist, homophobic, hater comments by individuals in the media Banishing, suspending, firing people like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty or Justine Sacco may shut up an individual, or cause them to make an insincere apology. But those words came from their thoughts,  which came from their feelings, which reflect a bias or prejudice what what…

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The Diversity Calling; building community, one story at a time

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I am so excited that our new book, The Diversity Calling; building community one story at a time, is now available on Amazon. What do a Jewish woman from the Bronx, a black Baptist minister from Oakland and a female corporate executive raised by an Egyptian,Muslim father and a white Christina mother have in common? They along with 6 other…

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Are We a Nation of Cowards Regarding Race? Diversity Alone is Not Enough

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As the Inclusionist, with a life and passion for diversity and inclusion, I know that there are three changes that must take place in this country to get us on a sane, rational road regarding race. 1- –Acknowledge that racism, bias and discrimination exists, that it is often unconscious, and that everyone with a bias is not a racist, and…

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How Jay-Z, Eminem, and Steve Jobs Can Bring Us Salvation

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How Jay-Z, Eminem, and Steve Jobs Can Bring Us Salvation (Originally published in Fast 7/11) Millions of kids idolize hip-hop artists and rappers and have dreams of becoming one. They think that rapping would be a great way to get rich. Most of them will never get there. And people that are talented often have no background in the…

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The Myths and Realities of Four Generations in the Workplace

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I’ve been designing a new workshop on “The Myths and Realities of Four Generations in the Workplace.” I’ve observed a tendency in some organizations, and by some authors on generation differences, to categorize and stereotype people based on the years they were born. I’ve come to realize that while each generation has been impacted by events and experiences as they…

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Is it Racist to Talk About Race? Is Glenn Beck Really Out of His Mind?

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Is it Racist to Talk About Race? Is Glenn Beck Really Out of His Mind? Well, Glenn Beck on Fox News seems to think it is. He says that Obama is a “racist.” I don’t think Obama should have commented on the Gates arrest until he had all the information. That was a mistake. Does that make him a “racist?”…

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