Five Ways to Raise Your Cultural IQ & Be Culturally Intelligent

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 I’ve found ten key ways to raise your Cultural IQ.  Here are the first five. 1-    Decide to be curious and interested in learning about other cultures, and really understanding diversity in new ways. This means you’re willing to take a risk, observe other people’s behaviors and ask questions in appropriate ways. If you’re not interested or willing to view…

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Diversity + Cultural Intelligence =Success

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In the 1990’s and beyond people who made culturally offensive comments were often sent to “sensitivity training,” in the hopes that they would come back with remorse. It was viewed as a punishment and met with resistance. While some organizations and institutions are still providing sensitivity training to employees who have made statements deemed offensive, there is the growing understanding…

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Don't Discount Hourly Employees in Your Diversity Initiative

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A key component of any diversity and inclusion culture change initiative is to develop a process to educate and include hourly and front line employees, the ones that actually deal with customers. If not, any culture change will stay stuck at the corporate office. The great programs and policies won’t make a difference if an employee is inappropriate, and offends…

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