Ten Ways Diversity and Inclusion Can Foster Innovation

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Ten Ways To Foster Amazing Innovation Through Diversity Leadership   In this business era of speed, competition and globalization, innovation rules all. You never know where the next great product, process or profit builder will originate. Good Diversity Management and Culturally Intelligent Leadership can make the difference between repeatedly hearing mediocre ideas from the same people, or mining the hidden…

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Five Reasons The Term "Employee Engagement" Makes Me Feel Disengaged

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Five Reasons The Term “Employee Engagement” Makes Me Feel Disengaged1- Employee engagement has become a buzzword with no meaning in some workplaces. What some managers really mean, is that they are engaged in theoretical discussions. They seem to think that if they loudly declare that their whole workforce is engaged, even if few people are, they will be considered a…

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How Do We Tell the Employees About The Inclusion/Culture Change Initative

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Some employers seem to think that just because they decide to create a more inclusive culture, employee behavior will change overnight. When there is no great immediate change, they complain that their inclusion/culture change initiative is a waste of time and money. So they hire someone who is either Black, Latino, Asian, Female, LGBT or a mixture of those categories…

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How to Measure Corporate Culture

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I have found ten ways in which organizations can know if they have a great corporate culture. Here are three of them• Survey employees and ask them their perception of the culture of the organization. Identify any themes of agreement or confusion. Use an open-ended question and a matrix, to get data on strengths and challenge of that culture as…

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