Recipient of the 2017
Global Diversity Leadership Award

I'm honored to be speaking and receiving the
Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership award
at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai in Feb, 2017


Simma Lieberman
The Inclusionist

creates workplace cultures where employees love to do
their best work and customers love to do business.

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In this weeks podcast Simma hosts roundtable discussion on the Michelle Meow show about race, racism and Charlottesville with guests Joel Brown and Mercedes Martin.
If you’re interested what they were talking, you can listen here 1h podcast:

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August 29, 2017

Reducing Tension Talking About Race

At some point if you interact with people who are different, you are either going to hear or say something that is inappropriate, offensive or biased. Even if we are...
August 23, 2017

Can Conservatives Be Included In The Diversity Conversation?

Someone on LinkedIn recently  directed this question to me. My answer was  “I don’t get the question. Some of my best clients have been conservatives through the years. They understand diversity and Inclusion as it relates to innovation, profit and expanded markets. How are you defining conservative. They support everyone having opportunities to do their best work so they look…