Recipient of the 2017
Global Diversity Leadership Award

I'm honored to be speaking and receiving the
Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership award
at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai in Feb, 2017


Simma Lieberman
The Inclusionist

creates workplace cultures where employees love to do
their best work and customers love to do business.

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In this weeks podcast Simma Lieberman and Guests: Jennifer Brown and Minal Bopaiah talked about race in marketing, growing up with economic privilege and why race is important today.

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February 13, 2018

Stop Stereotypes-End Labeling

It’s so easy to be mentally lazy, stereotype and label people we don’t know well. We listen to what other people tell us, default to stereotypes. This takes the work out of  having to interact in meaningful ways or experience discomfort with people who are different. We don’t have to make decisions for ourselves or take the time to understand…

February 7, 2018

Not All Sexual Harassment Is Equal

While allegations of sexual harassment past and present continue to grow, most attention has been on public figures in Hollywood, sports, politics and the tech industry. We read about huge payouts, firings and suspensions. But if all you knew about sexual harassment was the first page of an Internet search, you might miss the impact that sexual harassment has on…