Recipient of the 2017
Global Diversity Leadership Award

I'm honored to be speaking and receiving the
Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership award
at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai in Feb, 2017


Simma Lieberman
The Inclusionist

creates workplace cultures where employees love to do
their best work and customers love to do business.

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In this week’s podcast, Simma speaks with two individuals who discuss the President’s response and how racism played into the situation.
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diversity and inclusion championdiversity and inclusion leaderdiversity leaderdiversity leadershipholiday diversity
November 13, 2017

Five Ways To Demonstrate Diversity Leadership for an Inclusive Season

Here are five ways to demonstrate diversity leadership and make this an inclusive season for everyone in your organization. 1- Provide opportunities for employees to share symbols and stories about the holidays and important events they observe. Items can be placed on display with a written description describing the tradition. This can be an opportunity to learn about different cultures…

Attracting talentdiverse teamsdiverse workforceDiversity and inclusioindiversity and inclusiondiversity and inclusion leaderdiversity at workDiversity recruitment
November 8, 2017

Pitfalls of Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

The United States population is diverse. It’s no longer a question of when the workforce will change. It already has. There has been a huge increase in women, people of color and immigrants in the workforce in the last 25 years. Diversity is not just a good idea today. It is a business imperative if you want to stay competitive…