How to Uncover and Unlock Hidden Employee Genius for Dramatic Innovation


Every organization has brilliant people, but they may not be obvious. They are “under the radar.” They are the geniuses who may not look, sound or think like everyone else and/or fit the historical organizational image of a successful person.

This program will help you tap into untapped talent at every level that is not being utilized. Find out how to help employees use their brilliance to be more successful and help your organization develop breakthrough products and services.

You, along with other people you work with may be potential game changers, innovators and revolutionary thinkers.  When people feel included and appreciated for the diversity of backgrounds, talents and experiences they bring, they are not afraid to take risks, share new ideas, or collaborate.

When talented people are underestimated, remain unrecognized, and unacknowledged there is a high probability they will be hired away by a competitor, start their own businesses or stop trying to contribute.

They were hired for their creativity, talents and experiences but once they are in your organization they don’t get the attention, acknowledgment and rewards they deserve, and you don’t get the benefit of their brilliance.

What if everyone in your organization was able to share their brilliance and bring out the brilliance in others?

Every moment you wait is another opportunity lost to increase profit, save time and make the best use of your resources- your people.

Our objectives:

  • Unveil the three obstacles to unlocking hidden genius
  • Develop a strategy to uncover hidden employee genius
  • Leverage hidden employee genius to benefit the whole organization in ways that result in breakthrough innovation