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Three New Diversity and Inclusion Pro-Actions

By January 3, 2014 No Comments

1-  Decide to be curious and express interest in other people and their cultures.  Learn how to ask questions in appropriate ways about food, rituals, working with others, and  what they want you to know about them. Diversity intelligence requires interest in others.

2- Research  your own cultural background and identify ways in which your culture, and early experiences have influenced your behavior. Recognize the fact that other people’s behavior is influenced by their diverse backgrounds and experiences which may be very different than yours.

3- Stop stereotyping whole demographic groups and individuals from those groups.  

When people are seen as stereotypes, they are no long individuals or equal to you.
Think of people you know personally, or who are well-known and admired  like Nelson Mandela. Do they really fit your group stereotype? 

It’s time for a diversity mindset change.

You’ll be better able to filter out those group stereotypes and less fearful of others.