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The Workplace as Community/ real inclusion

By October 30, 2009 No Comments

Why are there still employers who treat their employees like  disposable napkins?

Organizations that are successful now and will be successful in the future will create “the workplace as community.”  
Most people have a need to feel part of something that is more than just themselves. When workplace cultures are inclusive and employees at every level think their work has meaning, that what they do is more than the activity, there is a greater sense of community while they are  work. 
They are more creative, empowered and motivated to be successful personally and to help their organizations be more successful.
When employees are treated as though they have no value and are just there to do a job, they lose their motivation, and just do their job with no relation to the overall mission or objectives of the organization. They work in their own private silos and can’t wait for the end of their workday.