I’ve gotten much better at what I call compassionate self-promotion. This is how I characterize tooting my own horn so that it not only betters me but helps others. Sometimes I now toot my own horn just for me as well.

Not entirely altruistic but as an oldest child with care giver tendencies, this attitude helps when I’m inclined to let the chips fall where they may. Your seminar helped me get here.
Cary O’Keefe
Coaching client


Your Diversity and Inclusion training was fantastic. Everyone came away with a new knowledge and understanding of how important it is to integrate diversity and inclusion into our business culture.

We were amazed and surprised at how easy it was for you to involve, engage and get buy-in from the whole group.

Your training has already helped us develop even better relationships with each other and our very diverse client base. People are still talking about what they learned and are looking forward to working with you again.


Doree Friedman
CEO Fineline Construction

Your presentation helped move the HR community closer to the overall goals of the organization in rounding our our professional development.
Judy M. Birnbaum
Programs Chair
Northern California Human Resources Association

Your program educated, entertained, engaged and challenged our participants to think about the role, and how they perceive diversity in their lives.
Chuck Knippen
Program Coordinator
Monster Diversity Leadership Weekends

Simma was a welcome addition to our Leadership Summit in 2014.  Her ideas around inclusion and her presentation on bias and assumptions that lead us astray as leaders were very thought provoking and insightful.  Our team enjoyed the mix of content and interactive exercises to which facilitated deeper thinking and pushed us to re-examine our personal habits and areas of improvement.
Jason C. Elmore
Global Manager, Sales Learning & Development
Acclarent Inc.

“Simma’s hand-on workshop let’s people experience what it feels like to be included, and what it feels like when you are not. The group walked away with clear practices to be more inclusive and be better leaders.”
David Marquet
Author of “Turn the Ship Around

My company brought Simma in to speak to a group of about 30 folks from all different parts of the company on diversity in the workplace, with a slight focus on LGBT. I was completely amazed with Simma’s ability to engage people from all different levels of our company, from an executive, to CSR’s, to sales force. We received tremendous feedback from all who attended.
She was able to take a group of folks who were diverse in and of themselves and created a safe space for people to talk which allowed for some very honest discussions. We all walked away with a greater sense of awareness, compassion, and openness.

I am incredibly glad to have had the opportunity, as well as future opportunities, to work with Simma and fortunate to know her as a human being. “
Jason Watkins | Client Manager | Inside Sales
VSP Vision Care

It was obvious that Simma understands not only the various facets of diversity, but she’s well-versed in the world of the business as well.  Her unique perspectives, as well as personal experiences, made her the ideal facilitator for a session on LGBT workplace issues in our somewhat conservative organization.  She shared her own perspectives as well as providing key objective viewpoints for people to consider as they work beside their LGBT colleagues.
Kat Matthews
Senior Analyst
VSP Vision Care

Thank you for helping us develop a strategy that will take us in the right direction to meet our objectives.

Your openness and level of confidentiality has made it easy and comfortable to discuss diversity issues so that we are able to implement our strategic plan.

Your global perspective, and your knowledge of the hospitality industry and our business, reinforces our decision that you are the right consultant for our organization at the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group.

We look forward to continuing our work together.

Alan Baer
Executive VP of Human Resources
Kimpton Hotels

Your impact has been profound.
As a result of your presentation, conference participants are now more comfortable recognizing, acknowledging and finding ways to eliminate these “Unspoken Tensions” in order to leverage our diversity assets and be more successful.
Edgar Quiroz
Director- National Workforce Diversity
Kaiser Permanente

Simma surpassed our expectations. She does an excellent job of humanizing the challenges of working through differences in the workplace, while also challenging participants to improve their ability and understanding of others.
We look forward to bringing Simma back.
Denise Smith
Performance and Development
City of Eugene

In a word, I think Simma is fantastic. Her presentation is outstanding, she related extremely well and is a great speaker.
Sharon Miller
Renaissance Entrepreneur Center
San Francisco, Ca

Simma asks probing questions designed to define the scope of the problem or issue and then suggests, in a gentle yet knowledgeable manner, solutions that are both creative and on the point.
John Gordon
Director of Human Resources
Renaissance Seattle Hotel

We used the information your obtained through staff and board surveys and focus groups to develop a diversity plan.
Thanks again for working with us and providing us with a sound assessment from which we could improve the diversity and cultural sensitivity of our organization.
Dee Walsh
Executive Director
REACH Community Development
Portland, Oregon

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
The energy, humor, and honest sharing of your personal experiences made the presentation a home!
Your topic will create a lasting consciousness about life/work balance throughout our membership.
James Lee Henderson
Director of Human Resources
Rafferty’s Inc.

Your extensive experience working with conflict resolution and your understanding of the complexity of our issues helped us navigate through many highly charged issues to get where we are today.
Karen Kerr
United Fire Service Women

I attended Simma Lieberman’s ‘SmartWoman BootCamp’ and it changed my professional career. It taught me how to challenge myself; to challenge my management on my value and to make sure the people that matter know what my career goals are. It also empowered me to reach out to my supervisor and directly request their ‘mentorship’ and for them to champion me across my organization. I was able to do that with some of the skills I learned in class and my status at my job has improved and my value is realized by my mgmt team. I recommend any career oriented woman attend the bootcamp if possible.
Teresa Leeth
Occidental Petroleum

Thank you so much for your leadership in helping to bring the LGBT Cultural Intelligence event to life. We would have not be successful without your involvement and tremendous insight.
Gerry Fernandez, President
MFHA- The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance

I appreciated the way in which you were able to create non threatening small group dynamics
where all were supported in sharing our very unique and sometimes eclectic ways of viewing the world from our own respective “lens.”
Your unique perspective and way of presenting diversity and inclusion concepts will have long lasting impact on those that vested in these trainings. T o this day, I still hear of the value of this training.

Denyne M. Kowalewski
CAPPA Foundation

I invited Simma because of her expertise and first hand experience in stress management and dealing with stress on the job. Simma shared a wealth of knowledge and resources for practical ways to manage stress. She delivered her information clearly and concisely without overwhelming our clients. Her passion to help people was evident in the energy she conveyed during the teleconference. I would recommend Simma as a speaker and professional in stress management training.


Barbara McKeon, MA, CRC, LMHC

Director, Employment Services

National MS Society

NYC Chapter

I  took your smart businesswoman class in North Carolina some time ago and I thought you might like to know that I still use all the skills you taught. The ones I especially use are presence – how to walk into a room, and the roadmap where you identify small steps that can be taken on the way to a much larger goal. Thanks again for your help!

Sharon Gadonniex

Advanced Development DSP and SW Manager at Bose Corporation