Teen On Trial- Accused of Stealing 65 cent milk

By October 6, 2016 No Comments

Teen charged w stealing 65-cent milk carton on trial via @HuffPostCrime

According to Huffington Post a young Black teenager is accused of stealing a 65 cent container of milk, He was on the free lunch program already and forgot to get his milk. He cut through the line, was seen by a security guard,  handcuffed and arrested.

oThe guard assumed this kid was stealing and when he explained what he was doing, he was arrested anyway. This is so outrageous. No kid should be sent to jail for 65 cents. This young Black kid who was doing nothing but drinking his milk will now have an arrest record, and even if charges are dropped (but he is scheduled for trial) his whole life changes in a matter of minutes. 

Aren’t security guards supposed to be there for the security of the kids?  Security guards like police and any one else who has the power to make life changing, or life and death decisions need to be trained.  Why hire someone who looks on the people he is trying to protect as criminals, or who can’t deal with being wrong. This kind of action contribute to the prison pipeline that so many young Black kids especially boy get channeled and where there is a huge disproportion of Black kids sent to juvenile detention, suspension and expulsion versus White kids who many times are treated very differently.

We need real conversations about race and we need to take real action.