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Stressed About Stress During Stressful Times

By November 19, 2008 One Comment

Two factors contribute to feeling extreme stress:
1- fear of the unknown, or not knowing what will happen in the future
2- feeling like we have no control or influence over other people, places

There are three key processes that will help you reduce stress and feel less overwhelmed are:
1- Conscious Deep Breathing-
2- Change It, Control It, Let It Go
3- Thought Stopping and Changing Negative Self-Talk to Positive
Self- talk
Here are five other ways to manage stress that I highlighted in the program:
1- Eliminate toxic energy sucking people from your life or put limits on your
interaction with them. (Use caller-id)
2- Don’t watch the news or listen to talk radio before you go to sleep.
3- Exercise now. Pick an exercise that you enjoye or make it enjoyeable.You can walk with a partner, listen to a podcast, or ride a stationary bike and read the newspaper.
4- Talk to other people who experiencing similar types of stress. You won’t feel that it is just you and can also share best stress management practices.
5- Take time for yourself and write that time in your Outlook, Blackberry, Iphone or appointment book. If anyone asks just tell them you have something else scheduled. You’ll be a better family member, friend, and manager or co-worker.

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