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Stress Management and Life/Work Balance Integration

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Clients of Simma Lieberman typically experience the following results:

  • Improved personal and professional relationships.
  • Employees are more productive, creative, and focused on meeting organizational objectives because of reduced organizational and individual stress. Less time spent worrying and being anxious.
  • Senior leaders are able to create low stress working environments systemically for themselves and their employees during stressful times.
  • Organizations do more with less in a shorter amount of time because of increased employee involvement.
  • Greater productivity and profitability due to reduction in stress-related illnesses, accidents, and burnout.
  • New communication processes are developed that provide access to information throughout the organization. Eliminates costly mistakes from miscommunication, rumors and misunderstanding.
  • Increased profitability because focused employees and managers are focused on results.
  • Dramatic increases in customer service and sales because employees are able to build relationships and customers don’t feel pressured.
  • Staff who remain after layoffs adjust to their new reality, move beyond survivors guilt, and focus on creating value for the company.
  • Organization are more successful because employees take ownership of their work.
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