I have been working in the field of stress management for over 20 years, as a consultant, speaker and coach. Previously I had been an anxious stressed out, overwhelmed no sleeping person and had to learn the techniques I now teach other people. Money issues can be a major stress and anxiety producer which of course get magnified when we are trying to sleep. Getting enough sleep is even more important when you are under stress because if you are exhausted all of the time you can’t come up with a solution to your money problems.

I have found ten ways people who are in that situation can get some sleep. I use these techniques every night and so do people that I have taught.

Here are two of them:
1- Self-talk, to let go of the anxiety before sleep, tell yourself that at this moment you are ok. You have a house, food, clothes etc. and tomorrow is another day, and you can worry tomorrow. have a pad by your bed and write down all of your worries and visualize yourself letting them leave your head.

2- Imagine that your brain is a clear slate since you have given your worries to the pad. Lay down, close your eyes and take some very slow deep breaths and starting with your feet let your breath go through your body. Move slowly up to your abdomen and continue with your breathing, and allow your abdomen to loosen up. Most people never make it past their abdomen when they fall asleep.

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