Open Dialogue

We use the 3D process (Diversity, Difference and Dialogue) to bring people in organizations together to discuss challenging issues, organizational culture and values, and new ways to collaborate. Today’s social climate and misinformation about diversity and inclusion has made open dialogue an important part of employee productivity and engagement. Open Dialogue helps to break up silos and eliminate unspoken tensions that impede productivity and innovation.

Diversity, Difference and Dialogue; how to develop dialogue across differences and make uncomfortable conversations comfortable

 Purpose: Changing demographics in the workplace and the communities in which we do business make it imperative that we know how to communicate with other beyond a surface level. We need to know what other people value, how they do business, and how to hear and understand their perspective.

Working, interacting and trying to have meaningful conversations with people who are different can sometimes be uncomfortable, and awkward but it doesn’t have to be with the right information and skills.

As people from different backgrounds; cultural, religious, age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and work functions interact with each other, there are great opportunities to hear new ideas, learn new skills develop new products and new ways to increase market share that will result in more profit and productivity.

At the same time there are possibilities of misunderstanding, and miscommunication if our interactions with each other are impacted by assumptions, stereotypes and biases. The result will be bad decisions, stagnation and loss of profit and productivity.

Our 3D Dialogue process provides the information, skills and practice to help people in your organization have meaningful conversations and dialogue and bring a higher level of cohesiveness and inclusion.

Immediate Benefits: You and your employees will understand and be more comfortable working with people who are different. You and your employees will broaden your perspectives, find new ways to solve problems and develop more creative solutions.

People who participate will learn and practice new ways to leverage the experience, and skills of others from different backgrounds, and thinking styles, that will enable them to share resources and meet objectives faster.

By attending this workshop people will be able to use their fellow employees as resources to have better working relationships with a diverse customer base. By using the dialogue process it will be easier to prevent conflicts rooted in miscommunication.


  • Learn and practice an open dialogue process that can be used to solve problems, find new solutions, and make difficult conversations easier.
  • Avoid misunderstanding with customers, reduce response time to customer needs, and increase customer loyalty
  • Create a learning environment where employees are more comfortable sharing ideas, taking risks and supporting each other’s work across functions.