Building a Diversity and Inclusion Culture Strategy

Reaping the benefits of diversity and inclusion is more than numbers, more than academic theories and more than “diversity potlucks. Diversity and Inclusion has to be integrated into every aspect of your business strategy.

Without the diversity in people, there is no diversity. Without meaningful interaction between people who learn from their differences and similarities there is no real diversity. You just have people who are different working together and staying in silos.

Every one of our consulting processes, learning experiences, and coaching programs result in people interacting and developing relationships in new ways.

No matter how long people are at work , whether it’s two hours, four hours, 8 hours etc. they do their best when they feel part of something greater than themselves and feel part of a community where they are valued

If you want a diversity and inclusion culture that is based on people at every level who love to do their best work, and who pass that love onto all of your customers, vendors and clients, contact us now.

Cultural intelligence

Cultural intelligence is the ability to develop relationships and work effectively with people from any other culture whether you know anything about them or not. That ability is not innate but is a learnable skill.

Whether that cultural group is different in ethnicity, geography, race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, work function, etc. successful people and organizations need to be able to be curious, observant, think strategically and develop relationships quickly in order to be successful. Knowing about one or two specific cultures is not enough and everyone is more than just one cultural dimension.

We help you and your organization develop a culturally intelligent mindset, and practice behaviors to work successfully with any body, anywhere.

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Breakthrough Innovation

Recent studies across the globe prove that breakthrough innovation is predicated on your ability to leverage diversity, recognize and optimize employee genius, and develop a culturally intelligent workplace.

Our breakthrough innovation process is often integrated into our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Implementation Process.

Recruiting, Retaining and Sustaining a Diverse Workforce for Success
Diversity and Inclusion-Strategy and Implementation

We partner with you to create inclusive cultures where employees love to do their best work and customers love to do business.

Whether you want to transform, expand or create your culture, we help you build a diversity management process that is right for your organization, and that will utilize the individual skills, talents and experience of each employee.

If you want to go “beyond numbers” and “occasional programs,” and integrate diversity and inclusion into every system, process and mindset of your organization, you need to contact us now.

Waiting is not a winning strategy!

Coach and Trusted Advisor

Executive Coaching

We help you develop and implement career success strategies . Whether you are in senior leadership, or a rising star, we recognize that coaching is very personal, There is no one size or methodology that fits all. We partner with you to make the right choices, take the right actions, and develop the right relationships so you can become an outstanding leader with wide reaching influence

Diversity Management Coaching for Leaders

Our Diversity Leadership coaching will help you become a more inclusive, culturally intelligent leader, who can leverage the skills and experiences of your diverse workforce. We also offer coaching in Employee Resource Group championship.

We help you develop the ability to lead a diverse organization and know how to match the right people with the right skills and experience to the right project to get results beyond what you imagine

Learn the skills you need to practice outstanding diversity management and ensure the success of all of your employees.

Remote and/or In Person Group Coaching

Get the right support you need, share best practices and be seen and heard the way you want in your organization or industry. Be known as a leader, expert and person of interest.

Diversity and Inclusion Trusted Advisor

If you want your organization to leverage the differences and similarities amongst it’s people to achieve the highest level of success, and know you need guidance but don’t have the budget to bring in outside consultants, this process is for you.

As trusted “behind the scene” advisors we share our knowledge and experience so that you develop your world class diversity management strategy, implement systems and processes that are inclusive at every organizational level and create a self-sufficient culture of inclusion.

Speaking Programs- Plenary and Break-out Sessions

  • Leveraging Diversity for Breakthrough Innovation
  • Finding Commonalities in Our Multiple-Identities
  • Allies Are Good For Business; Seven Ways To Be One
  • Uncommon Dialogue; A New Strategy For Working Together
  • Accessing Diversity of Thought; Five strategies to uncover hidden genius in your organization
  • Breaking Through Small Unconscious Biases That Cause Big Problems
  • The Myths and Realities of Communicating Across Generations
  • LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace; what you need to know
  • Myths and Realities of Gender Communication at Work
  • How to Uncover and Unlock Hidden Employee Genius
  • Employee Resource Groups; Opportunities and Challenges
    • Sharing Your Diversity Story- Everyone Included
    • Creating a Low Stress Culture/ Working Across Differences


  • Breaking Through Unconscious Bias, Assumptions and Behaviors
  • Opening the Door to Cultural Intelligence at Work
  • Communicating, Learning and Working Across Generations: A Dialogue For All Ages
  • Exceptional Diversity Management for Leaders
  • Putting Diversity to Work- How to Leverage Diversity and Build Inclusion
  • The Myths and Realities of Gender Communication
  • Leveraging Diversity for Breakthrough Innovation; an interactive process

3D Dialogues

Recent studies on diversity and innovation have shown that one of the biggest obstacles to leveraging diversity for breakthrough innovation is people now knowing each other well, biases and assumptions people have about each other, and lack of diversity at senior levels.

Simma Lieberman, along with Joel Brown have developed the 3D Dialogue Process. They have successfully brought groups and individuals together who are different and used the 3D Dialogue process to help them become comfortable with uncomfortable issues, and dramatically improve the way people communicate with each other across any difference.

Examples: Creating cooperation between union or hourly employees and management, cross-cultural collaboration and conflict resolution, law-enforcement and community members, dialogues across work functions, Communicating cross genders, Cross Generational dialogues.

Smart Women Success Programs

Training, Speaking, Coaching, Webinars/Teleseminars

What Smart Business Women Need to Know About Winning in Business; how to take your place and your space (this is one of Simma’s most popular programs with women across the world).