Rules For Upward Mobility For Women In Corporate America

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Learn It! Play It! Change It!

Develop a strategy and stay focused Get caught up in doing tasks
Let your desired career path be known by the appropriate people Wait for someone to discover you because you are working hard and have potential
Learn the unwritten rules and how to leverage them in order to advance Let other people give you advice that will distract you from your career path
Ask people whom you trust to support your goals Take people for granted when they help you
Determine who can help you and what you want from them
Show your appreciation
Don’t forget the people who helped you
Determine what you can give them
Build a diverse network. Attend functions and events so people will get to know you.
See yourself as a Marketing and Public Relations expert for your skills and experience
Get a mentor(s) who can help you navigate your path
Learn how to be a mentee
Volunteer for projects where you can play a visible role and take leadership
Set up one-to-one meetings with senior leaders involved in the project before general meetings Don’t let other people’s judgments negatively impact your self-esteem
Build strategic alliances with leaders in other departments or work functions Don’t process decision making out loud
Communicate as a peer with senior leaders. Remember that you add value to the success of the organization Don’t apologize when it is not necessary
Be decisive in your decisions
Enter a room with presence
Use brevity and clarity to make your points Don’t keep talking after you’ve made your point
Wear clothes that add to your powerful image Don’t wear frilly dresses or clothes that are too casual
Wear make-up that enhances your natural look Don’t wear make-up that looks like you are going out for the evening
Wear socks that are above your pants line when you sit down
Have at least two good suits that correspond to the position you desire Don’t wear shirts and blouses that are revealing and take attention from your message
Always say “Thank You!”


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