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Really Want to Manage Diversity and Support Inclusion? Time to Stop Labeling Others

By December 29, 2013 No Comments

In order to be effective with other people, and support diversity and inclusion beyond theory, you have to be aware of your actions and behaviors in relationship to others. 

Because of our biases and incorrect assumptions, we end up labeling people and treating them as a label.  People don’t know that they are being labeled but end up acting the way they are labeled and treated. This affects productivity in the workplace, and impedes people from doing their best work. It is the antithesis of inclusion.

Once a person has been labeled, it’s difficult for us to see them in a different light, and it’s difficult for them to get rid of that label.

When biases, assumptions, and labels are the norm, people break up into silos there is a lack of cooperation, creativity and engagement.

When people learn how to filter out biases, stop labeling others, and leverage each other’s diverse skills and experience, productivity and morale increase.  People feel welcome and part of a work community where they can do their best work.