110 ways to Champion Diversity and Build Inclusion

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Putting Diversity to Work

Create an inclusive organization that values people from all different backgrounds. Bring out the best skills and talents of a diverse workforce. Encourage employee participation and involvement in the organization. Use the power of diversity to succeed in an increasingly global marketplace.

A Fifty-Minute Series Book from Crisp Publications, a division of Course Technology/Thomson Learning.115 pages – ISBN: 1-56052-695-5- November 2003

The Diversity Calling, Building Community One Story at a Time

What do a Jewish woman from the Bronx, a Black Baptist minister from Oakland, and a female corporate executive raised by an Egyptian, Muslim father and a white Christian mother have in common? They, along with 6 other people formed the Diversity Community Exchange ro DiCE group, in order to build diverse communities and spread the message of inclusion throughout the world.

In our new book, The Diversity Calling, building community one story at a time, we share our stories and offer the blue print of how each and every one of us can be part of the exciting world of inclusion. Reading these stories will cause you to laugh, cry and hope, and in all likelihood will cause you to engage in dialogue with people who are different than you, and share a few stories of your own.