National Coming Out Day- LGBTQ

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Coming Out Day- LGBTQ,,,  I remember when I used to hide the “gay books” because I didn’t want people to know that I was gay. Then I noticed that my straight friends had the same books, and they didn’t care what people thought.

At the same time, I remember when I first started doing diversity training that there were many diversity professionals who did not think LGBTQ people had a seat at the diversity table. I didn’t come out to them because I was worried they wouldn’t want to work with me.
So happy to be free of those fears. I no longer care what anyone thinks. And by being open many people have told me that they no longer were afraid or had negative thoughts about LGBTQ people because they got to know me.

LGBTQ  people have come a long way, and overall society not just in the USA have come along way but trans people, especially transgender people of color and non-binary people are still excluded, harassed and even murdered. In some countries LGBTQ people are subject to torture, execution and horrendous actions against them.

We are not done, and need to work with everyone else who seeks equality and just wants the opportunity to live their lives in peace and freedom to be.

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