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Manage Holiday Stress Hotspot #3: A Lack of Time Stress

By November 25, 2009 One Comment

Holiday Stress Hotspot #3: A Lack of Time

  • Complete your gift shopping early. This will relieve you of one of the biggest time stresses during the holidays.
  • Refuse Invitations. You don’t have to go to every party you’re invited to. If party going becomes a chore or exhausting, step back and slow down the pace.
  • Take time for yourself. With so much emphasis on time with family and friends, many people feel guilty taking time for themselves. Take it. When you consciously plan to have alone time, it keeps you empowered and reduces possible feelings of melancholy during the holiday season. You will also be also be less overwhelmed by external stimuli.
  • Share the tasks. Don’t take on too much. View your to-do list as an opportunity to spend time with people. Share responsibilities and your tasks will take half as long and be more enjoyable.

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