Is it Racist to Talk About Race? Is Glenn Beck Really Out of His Mind?

Well, Glenn Beck on Fox News seems to think it is. He says that Obama is a “racist.”

I don’t think Obama should have commented on the Gates arrest until he had all the information. That was a mistake. Does that make him a “racist?”

I’ve written before about other situations where someone might have said or done something inappropriate and offended another person based on their race, gender or. sexual orientation and that didn’t make them a racist, homophobe, sexist pig, etc.

One action, or one comment unless it is either part of a deliberate pattern should not, and does not define the whole person. Obama even said he didn’t know if race played any part in the arrest, but it doesn’t sound like Glenn Beck and his cohorts chose to hear that.

I’ve even heard it said that Obama was arrogant and condescending when he remarked that this could be a teachable moment. I think it can be and is already starting to be a teachable moment with Obama, Crowley and Gates getting ready to sit down together and talk about what happened.

I have to wonder why Glenn Beck and his ilk feel so threatened any time someone mentions their own race or ethnic group. It is the same “ignoratic” thinking that claimed Sonia Sotomayor was a “racist,” when she spoke about being Hispanic or that the organization, La Raza, (which has helped many Hispanic people achieve success) is equivalent to the KKK.

It seems like anytime Obama mentions race or is involved in anything that is even slightly about race, “he is a racist,” according to the leadership of their own “ignoracacy”.

I have been working for over 25 years in the field of diversity and inclusion, facilitated numerous dialogues amongst people from different groups and helped develop relationships and understanding where there had only been distrust and assumptions.

I’m even known as “The Inclusionist,” and consider myself an expert on this topic. I’ve found that in order to become more inclusive, further the ideals of democracy, and continue to be the great country we are, we need to not be afraid to address issues of race, acknowledge our own cultural backgrounds and share experiences. We also need to be willing to listen to each other and not discount each other’s history.

If we are going to use the Gates/Crowley incident as a way of moving forward and increasing trust amongst people who are different, we have open dialogue without name calling, second guessing and over identification.

Glenn Beck and his cadre appear to only want to exploit this issue for their own political, or ratings benefit, stoke the fires of discord and bring every other wacko out to play.

I couldn’t believe that these so-called “birther,” people who make their claims about Obama’s citizenship had even graduated kindergarten, and now with Beck et al claiming that Obama is a racist I can only wonder whether someone put LSD in their food to foment these delusions or whether someone put LSD in my food to believe people are actually given radio and television time to spread so much hate and ignorance.

Is it Racist to Talk About Race? Is Glenn Beck Really Out of His Mind?