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How to Break Through Our Biases To Lead Inclusion

By December 5, 2013 No Comments
We can’t leverage diversity and create inclusive workplaces if we don’t examine our own biases and learn how to filter them out.

1-    Become aware that we all have biases. Some biases are unconscious.. We don’t realize we’re thinking a certain way. In other situations people are aware of their judgments of other groups and think those judgements are facts. You can work through bias and see people in a new way.

2-    Notice your initial thoughts when you are around people different than you
3-    Think and ask yourself:
  Where did this particular bias originate?
  What’s different today?
4-    Determine whether you are forming an opinion based on an individual’s actions, or because of a stereotype you have about the group you think they represent
5-    If you have a bias about another person, be open to the possibility that you may be wrong, and be willing to accept evidence that is counter to your belief
` Be conscious of your biases before you act on them
6-    Take advantage of opportunities to interact with people who are different than you
7-    Be aware of you biases about specific groups and think of people you know from those groups that don’t fit that stereotype

8-    As an exercise in breaking through bias, create a dialogue where you play each other’s roles. You’ll be surprised and more knowledgeable about diversity.