We’re impacted by negative messages, we get angry when we hear slime balls make outrageous statements about LGBTQ people and their families.
We are all affected by the messages we get from the outside world.

Today, I want to share a different message of hope and love, and to tell you that not all homophobic people are the same. Some just don’t have the right information, or have had no meaningful interaction with people who are LGBT.
Some of you who are LGBT, may have been homophobic yourself, or filled with self-hatred, and something either happened to you, or you had a moment of clarity and got to accept and love who you are.
Gay pride month is a time when we can educate people and make them allies.
Here are examples of that:
Symon Hill walked 160 miles in the UK to repent for his former homophobia. Hes the associate director of a Christian think tank and author of the no nonsense guide to religion
 Fourteen years he opposed gay relationship based on his religious beiliefs and what he thought was gods opinon.
He voted against the ordination of practicing homosexuals, until he got to know Christians who were gay.  Symon, himself came to the realization that he was gay and went public.
What if no one took the time to talk to him? Where would he be? He might still be homophobic because of what he  heard from certain religious leaders. What if no other Christian had helped him see that he can be Gay and Christian. Symon might have been  consumed with self-hate, and lived his life miserable, and not able to help anyone.
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