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Grammy Diversity Heroes- Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah

By January 31, 2014 No Comments
Diversity Heroes At The Grammy Awards
Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah, and Madonna- You are my Grammy diversity heroes
You totally rocked the Grammy house and my house with “Same Love”
Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert have been three of my LGBT and allies musical heroes since the original release of same love.
However, their Grammy performance took LGBT equality and their song to a whole “nother level.”
I loved and could feel the heart that they put into the song from the beginning.
When Queen Latifah came out it was another momentous moment when she married 33 couples, gay and straight.  To those naysayers who question the legality- Queen was sworn in as a commissioner by the state of Cal to perform the ceremony.
I saw how far we’ve come by the almost no-stop standing ovation across all the musical demographic groups. 
Let’s keep going-
I do have to say in the interest of full disclosure, that I thought The Heist would have been suited to Best Album of the year of same love best song of the year as opposed to rap album and Thrift shop for song.
My vote would have gone to Kendrick Lamar. I do have to question the votes by demographic for that award, as did Macklemore in his tweet to Kendrick the next day, saying he thought rap album was Lamar’s. “Just sayin “