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Fostering Breakthrough Innovation With Good Diversity Leadership #2

By October 22, 2014 No Comments
2-Be informed about your employees but don’t micromanage.  Acknowledge the progress no matter how small, made by people on your team.  

 Research by Theresa M. Amabile and Steven  J. Kramer shows that employees are motivated when their managers are aware of and acknowledge even their small wins.

Be specific! Don’t just say “Good job.” That means nothing and is like a generic greeting card. Compliment them on what they did and the results they got. Encourage them to keep going by letting them know you have faith and trust in their abilities.

This applies to individuals and whole teams. Be aware that some people thrive on individual acknowledgement and others want the recognition to include the whole team. 

A good diversity leaders pays attention and is cognizant of these differences. Good diversity leaders know that everyone wants to feel included, and be successful, and that when that happens, they are more creative, willing to take risks, and think innovation.