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Fostering Breakthrough Innovation Through Diversity Leadership #4

By October 25, 2014 No Comments
Here is the 4th Way to Foster Breakthrough Innovation Through Diversity Leadership.

4- Be introspective and get real about your biases and assumptions. Your behavior that results from those biases and assumptions can impede participation and innovation.
Ask yourself, “Whom am I not seeing?  Do I greet all of my employees or just the ones who are like me?  Do I walk past any employees without saying hello?  Who am I not hearing from in team meetings, and whose opinions am I minimizing, due to bias about work level, function or salary?”
Your bias and assumptions about people different than you mean that you give credibility to people most like you, and minimize the contributions of others. When employees feel unacknowledged and invisible they lose their motivation, and feel alienated from the organization.