Here are five ways to demonstrate diversity leadership and make this an inclusive season for everyone in your organization.
1- Provide opportunities for employees to share symbols and stories about the holidays and important events they observe. Items can be placed on display with a written description describing the tradition. This can be an opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions and the traditions that accompany them.
2- Consider having a New Year’s Party instead of a Holiday party. This type of party can get everyone on board with the company’s mission and vision for the New Year.  It’s a good way to help employees get to know each other better.
3- Post holiday greetings on your webpage and internal communication platforms for   many religious holidays.4-During the whole year be respectful of special dates, when planning events and meetings. Don’t plan a lunch or breakfast meeting during Ramadan if you have Muslim employees. Be aware of important religious holidays where it’s customary for people to not be at work. Learn traditional greetings for holidays. Employees who celebrate those holidays will appreciate that you were interested and took the time to learn.

4- Use a facilitator to lead end of year dialogue circles where people can review the year together, and collaborate on strategy and vision for success in the New Year.
5- Let go of assumptions of what people know about your holidays. Educate people about the origins and meaning of what you celebrate.  Invite people from different traditions to your celebrations.
And finally, remember that there are some people that choose not to celebrate any holidays because of personal or religious beliefs. Respect those decisions, and find ways to make them feel included and share in their success.

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