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Do We Still Need Conversations About Race?

By January 8, 2014 No Comments
I host “The Inclusionist” person on the street segment for the Swirl show on KOFY TV in SF. I ask people on the street questions related to diversity, inclusion, current events and life diversity. 

My latest question was “Do we still need to have to have conversations about race in the US?”

I spoke to people from different cultures, races, agee and sexual orientations and sexual identities.

There was general agreement that the conversation and conversations still are necessary. The main obstacle most people said is that people are afraid of being uncomfortable and making others uncomfortable, and that the more positive interaction people from diverse backgrounds have, the more comfortable and less fearful they will be. There was also the belief that interaction on a personal level will break down biases, racism and being afraid of difference.

While diversity and inclusion is more than race and gender and diversity of thought has become a big subject, until we (people in the USA) can have real serious, meaningful discussions about race, racism, entitlement, discrimination and implicit bias, inclusion on a national level where everyone has opportunities to do their best work will not happen. 

It was good to hear all of those people say the conversation was important, and I also realized that a lot of people agree the conversation is important, they don’t know how to begin, and would like help.

That’s why I love facilitating constructive diversity  dialogues with people who want to learn from each other without drama, blame, and fear. When we listen to each other, we can take responsibility, change and open our minds and hearts. We create better workplaces, communities, nations and a world.

I’ll post the link to the Swirl TV show when it’s out.

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