Inclusionist Action #2  Let go of the label

 Think of someone that you labeled based on another person’s comment. How did you treat that person because of that label.
When you find yourself affixing a label on someone, ask yourself “what if I’m wrong.”
Next time your friend or family member labels someone you haven’t met, make a decision to see that person as a whole human and not a label.

To be a diversity and inclusion champion, you have to be a role model, and treat people a certain way based on rumors you’ve heard.

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  • Karen Levy says:

    Ms. Lieberman:

    Have you any info to share on diversity education/appreciation, especially in the younger years? I am doing research to develop training resources for early childhood educators. Those first few years are when the seeds of racism, ageism, homophobia and low/no tolerance for difference in general are planted. I hope I can reach those responsible for our youngest learners with solid tools to help kids keep a more open mind. Big hope? Yes indeed! But as a partially disabled 50+ year old gay woman, I have seen the need all too often in my classrooms, and hope to address it. ( I was even terminated in part because I was too progressive!)
    Karen Levy
    Albany, NY

    • I have colleagues who are in education if you want to contact some of them. I am a big believer in getting to kids early
      Glad to continue the conversation. I can also offer suggestions.

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