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Diversity During the Holidays- more than a greeting card

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Guess who’s not celebrating Christmas this year? Millions of people all over the United States. That’s right. Tens of millions of Americans don’t celebrate Christmas religiously, either as followers of non-Christian religions (Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews) or as individuals with no religious affiliation. Because many stores tap into the cash value of Christmas with their plethora of Santas, ornaments, and Christmas fanfare at your nearby mall, we can easily overlook the depth of the diversity present in America during this season. In reality, many different events, be they spiritual, religious, or tradition-based, are celebrated in many different ways during these times. Acting inclusively at work used to mean sending out politically correct Happy Holidays greeting cards and changing Christmas office parties to holiday parties. Today, celebrating inclusiveness and diversity is about more than just changing labels and titles. Celebrating diversity and inclusiveness is about using the holiday celebration time with friends and family to build understanding and awareness about others.

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