Diversity and Inclusion; don't forget self-care

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Sometimes in order to be inclusive, you have to include self-care. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I’m a single mother, raising my teenage son alone, for the last seven years. He has had a sleep disorder called Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. His internal clock is opposite most everyone else. He’s under the care of a sleep specialist,…

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Technology + Workaholism = No Life

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Technology + Workaholism = No Life A journalist called me today to ask whether technology helped or hindered life/work balance. She said that she had spoken to several people who told her that “smart phones,”  “Skype,” smaller laptops etc. just furthered their workaholic behavior, and that they had even less of a personal life because they were always connected. Is…

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Stop Stress From Bankrupting Your Life!

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Stop Stress Related Bankruptcy 300 Billion Dollars a Year! According to the American Psychological Association that is what stress is costing businesses in the USA Be it loss of productivity, absenteeism, turnover or increased medical costs, stress is clearly expensive to organizations. What’s more, stress is costly to individuals. This same study by the APA shows that 80% of Americans…

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