Support LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Now- StartOut

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  StartOut is the “must belong to” organization dedicated to creating great business leaders by fostering Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBTQ) entrepreneurs. It is the LGBTQ  business life line. With 15,000 members and chapters in 6 cities StartOut is reaching out to expand and engage LGBT entrepreneurs across the US and the rest of the globe through the new…

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Why LGBT People Don't Need Special Rights

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  During a recent client meeting on inclusion, when the words LGBTQ came up, one of the meeting attendees remarked, “I’m not anti-gay but I just don’t believe that should have special rights.” My first thought, “Oh no, do we really have to have this conversation again?” Obviously we did. I told this woman that LGBT people want the same…

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Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Need to Know How to be Diversity and Inclusion Allies

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Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Need to Know How to be Diversity and Inclusion Allies By Simma Lieberman, The Inclusionist At some point in our lives, everyone needs an ally, a person who supports our ideas, encourages us to follow our dreams, or defends us against naysayers. At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all had opportunities to be an…

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Is Republican Support for Gay Marriage Impure?

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I heard an LGBT activist on television infer that the Democrats who supported gay marriage were more “pure,” than Republicans who support gay marriage.  He said that Democrats were more sincere because the only reason previous anti-gay Republicans like Sen. Rob Portman supported gay marriage was because they found out they had kids who were LGBT or had friends that…

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