Why LGBT People Don't Need Special Rights

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  During a recent client meeting on inclusion, when the words LGBTQ came up, one of the meeting attendees remarked, “I’m not anti-gay but I just don’t believe that should have special rights.” My first thought, “Oh no, do we really have to have this conversation again?” Obviously we did. I told this woman that LGBT people want the same…

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How to Support LGBT Inclusion #1 Check Bias

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1- We can all benefit by becoming aware of our biases, not only about people who are different, but even about what we’ve heard about our own groups. Be open to the fact that you may have some unconscious stereotypes about LGBT people. Those stereotypes lead to assumptions about what an LGBTQ person may be thinking or why they are…

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Homophobia and Transphobia Are Not a Matter of Diversity and Inclusion Opinion

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Supporting homophobia and/or racism, is not a “matter of opinion,” it is racism and homophobia. I believe in meeting people where they are to take them to another level and educate them in ways that are relevant to them. I’m always curious and learn when I hear different sides, opinions and perspectives on issues. However, being anti-LGBT under the guise…

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