Why Your Employees Need Community and Inclusion Now

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I just returned from the Global HRD Congress in Mumbai where I received the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award and also led a panel on Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation. The conference was amazing. Not just because of the incredible people I met from over 100 countries, but also because of how included the conference organizers made us feel, and…

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Why We Need Cultural Intelligence With Diversity

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Cultural Intelligence is the ability to work effectively with people from any group any time, anywhere. According to the Harvard Business review a key predictor for success in this century is a person’s level of cultural intelligence. To be successful we each need to recognize the multiple identities in each of us, and the differences and similarities amongst us. To some…

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8 More Days- Unleash Hidden Genius & Maximize Talent

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Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Find and Unleash Hidden Genius  With Our October Offer Are you wiling to make a small investment to unleash unused or underutilized talent in the next 8 days? Is it essential to maximize talent? What happens when you don’t? Is it worth $4,000 to have more of your employees working to their full potential, sharing…

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Does Your Organization Suffer From "Hidden Genius Constipation"

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Does Your Organization Suffer From These Symptoms of “Hidden Genius Constipation”? 1- People in your organization have great ideas for new products and services but they have no  outlet to express them. Innovation stays in the realm of the product development team, or with your “regular” stars. No matter how diverse your workforce is, if people can’t show what they can…

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Six Signs You're Ready to Go From a Manager to a Leader

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I was recently asked to coach a group of managers who were being considered for leadership roles in their organization.  When I was hired, I was told that although they had been outstanding as managers, they needed to learn what it meant to be effective leaders as opposed to good managers. In my individual meetings with them, they all asked…

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10 Ways Good Diversity Management Can Foster Innovation #1

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In this business era of speed, competition and globalization, innovation rules all.  You never know where the next great product, process or profit builder will originate. Good Diversity Management and Culturally Intelligent Leadership can make the difference between repeatedly hearing mediocre ideas from the same people, or mining the hidden genius in your organization for breakthrough ideas. Conversely, not knowing…

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Three Ways to Be Visible and Advance Your Career in 2014

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I’ve been coaching women and men who want to be more visible, and take their career to higher levels.   Here are three of the ten key strategies that I’ve found. 1- Learn all you can about the business of your business. You have to study and be conversant in the business strategy of your organization. Look for ways that…

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Create Your Brand Badge for Career Success

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In my last post, I had you  list the people who need to know you and the people you need to know. Ready for another step? Ready for a little…art project? Get a large piece of paper and a few markers or crayons. It’s time for you to create a Brand Badge. You’re going to take your text-only vision and draw…

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Get Seen and Heard as a Person of Interest!

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Do you know who you need to know, and who needs to know you? As you plan to approach the people who can make decisions and help you advance, create the right mindset. View yourself as someone who has the diversity of  skills and talents to make your organization successful. In fact, you would be doing your company a disservice by…

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