Transgender Danger in the Bathroom

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After posting an article on LinkedIn about Target and Transgender rights including using the right bathroom, someone asked why I would use the word hater for someone who just had a different point of view. She said that it was just a disagreement about whether men should use the women’s bathroom and women should use the men’s bathroom. Unfortunately, a…

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Arizona Legislators Pass Pro-discrimination Bill

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Arizona Legislators Pass Pro-discrimination BillDiversity and Inclusion zeros-Arizona legislators pass a bill making it legal to deny services to people that go against the religious beliefs of businesses. They have no homelessness, unemployment or crime and are looking for something to spend their time and money on. Will they also deny services to the many Christian, Jewish, and people from…

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Does Banishing, Firing and Suspending Solve the Duck Dynasty Syndrome?

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Let’s consider the  bigger picture regarding racist, homophobic, hater comments by individuals in the media Banishing, suspending, firing people like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty or Justine Sacco may shut up an individual, or cause them to make an insincere apology. But those words came from their thoughts,  which came from their feelings, which reflect a bias or prejudice what what…

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Claiming a Seat At The Diversity Table- National Coming Out Day

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Today is National and International Coming Out Day for LGBT people and friends. Many of us have been sharing our memories of coming out , and the days before we came out.  I remember when I used to hide the “gay books” because I didn’t want people to know that I was gay. Then I noticed that my straight friends had the same books, and…

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Homophobia and Transphobia Are Not a Matter of Diversity and Inclusion Opinion

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Supporting homophobia and/or racism, is not a “matter of opinion,” it is racism and homophobia. I believe in meeting people where they are to take them to another level and educate them in ways that are relevant to them. I’m always curious and learn when I hear different sides, opinions and perspectives on issues. However, being anti-LGBT under the guise…

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Martin Luther King's Diversity and Inclusion Legacy

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Martin Luther King’s birthday is important to our work in diversity and inclusion today. It’s important because of who Martin Luther King was, the work he did for civil rights, the impact his work had, and the legacy he left. He and the thousands of other people that marched with him believed that all people should have the opportunity to…

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Eradicate the Diseases of Bullying and Homophobia Now! Speak Up and Speak Out!

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Eradicate the Diseases of Bullying and Homophobia Now! Speak Up and Speak Out! I would be remiss as “The Inclusionist,” as a diversity and inclusion consultant, as a speaker on life/work balance and stress, and as the mother of a 16-year boy if I didn’t address the issue of the recent suicides of LGBT youth. Bullying and homophobia are diseases…

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