The Sexual Harassment Saga of Bill O'Reilly

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Bill O”Reilly was accused of sexual harassment; calling women at home, making blatant comments, and even trying to engage in phone sex with an employee for years. This is not new.  I don’t know why they finally decided to get rid of him. Maybe 13 million dollars was their line in the sand. Perhaps they had given him a 13 million…

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Practical Strategies for Gender Communication

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Before you read   This article talks about cultural norms, and not meant to stereotype. Gender Communication is on a continuum and people’s styles can be a mixture. Some men use a more collaborative, consensus style and some women use a more hierarchical or more task related style. Knowing your default style can help you be more flexible and get results. What can…

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Women! (and men) Toot Your Horns!!

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Women,  don’t wait! Let people know your vision, so they can help you be included at the top…… If you are aware of your strengths, and have a vision for your  future,, you’re ready to take action. (If not, my previous post will help guide you ) Too often, however, women skip an important step: telling the right people! They…

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