DOMA Down, Prop 8 Out the Gate, and Voter Suppression Legalized

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Earlier this week the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and said good by to Proposition 8. This was a plus for diversity and inclusion. For LGBT couples in states where same-sex marriage is legal it’s historic. They are now eligible for over 1,000 Federal benefits, including joint tax returns, and survivor spouse and child social security benefits. For lesbian and gay…

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How a Diverse Experience Transformed a Homophobe

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What does it take for a homophobic Christian to shed their bigotry and fear,  and see LGBT people not only as humans but to support their quest for equality? For Timothy Kurek it took living his life as a gay man for a year, to go from believing being gay is a sin, to believing that being a good Christian…

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Help a Homophobe Become an Ally

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We’re impacted by negative messages, we get angry when we hear slime balls make outrageous statements about LGBTQ people and their families. We are all affected by the messages we get from the outside world. Today, I want to share a different message of hope and love, and to tell you that not all homophobic people are the same. Some…

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With all the bad news getting all the attention, I’m glad to give some attention to good news. As “the inclusionist,” it’s my job to report and comment on those events, policies, and systems that promote inclusion and those that are not. I’m glad to bring you some good news that may be somewhat controversial in certain circles of anti-gays…

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Why We Can't Afford to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

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>Why We Can’t Afford to Ban Same-Sex MarriageA Date To RememberOn November 4, Californians will vote on whether or not to ban same sex marriage, which has been legal for the last six months. It is now legal in Connecticut and Massachusetts. A Union of Economic InterestsWhile the US and the rest of the world are in the midst of…

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