Stop Hating- Chicago Anti-Diversity Dyke Marchers

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It’s crazy when I see the ultra-left and the ultra-right merging in their ignorance, hatred and narrow-mindedness. Too bad we can’t send them to an island to fight it out or whatever they want to do with their leisure, elitest, exclusionary time. I just wish they would stay out of my city, gay pride (right wing Christians picketing and ultra-left…

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Preparing To Talk About Race

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Talking About Race, Sometimes Awkward But Always Necessary; Let’s start now Talking about race with people who are different than you can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and doable. The fact is racism exists, racial conflict exists, and inequality still exists. If you’re interested in beginning the conversation read on. Even some people who work in the diversity…

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The Sexual Harassment Saga of Bill O'Reilly

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Bill O”Reilly was accused of sexual harassment; calling women at home, making blatant comments, and even trying to engage in phone sex with an employee for years. This is not new.  I don’t know why they finally decided to get rid of him. Maybe 13 million dollars was their line in the sand. Perhaps they had given him a 13 million…

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Why Your Employees Need Community and Inclusion Now

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I just returned from the Global HRD Congress in Mumbai where I received the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award and also led a panel on Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation. The conference was amazing. Not just because of the incredible people I met from over 100 countries, but also because of how included the conference organizers made us feel, and…

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Diversity, Inclusion and Love Are Power Today

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Diversity doesn’t go away because we have a president who is not on the side of diversity. People still need and want inclusion, and diversity and inclusion is the heart and driver of long-lasting innovation. I hear and know how upset, angry and scared so many people are by the rhetoric and white nationalism, and/or homophobia, islamaphobia, anti-semitism, etc. During…

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Diversity and Inclusion is Now Relevant More Than Ever

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A long-term client recently called me worried that Diversity and Inclusion would be put on the business back burner. “What will happen to support for Diversity and Inclusions now that Trump is president,” he asked. I replied with three of my own questions, “Are you still committed? Do you still see the business benefits? Are you going to continue leveraging…

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diversity cultural intelligence

Cultural Intelligence and Diversity Drives Global Business

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  The increase in international mergers and acquisitions, the norming of global teams, and the degree to which profit margins and innovation are dependent on doing business with people across the diversity spectrum means that people in organizations need to be flexible and constantly adapt to new ways of doing business. What worked for global payroll ten years ago, may…

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5 Ways to Demonstrate Diversity Leadership During the Holiday Season

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Here are 5 ways to demonstrate diversity leadership and make this an inclusive season for everyone in your organization. Make sure your Holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise. Decorations and food should be general, and non-specific to any religion or include decorations and food that represent everyone in your organization. Ask employees what symbols and decorations that would…

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The Somewhere of Bias

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Whether we like it or not, everyone has bias. As much as many of us want to think of ourselves as unbiased, we are products of our personal history, messages we’ve received growing up from people around us, the media, peers and people in authority. We’ve also learned to interpret events based on our experiences and individual perspectives. Because we…

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