Five Ways To Demonstrate Diversity Leadership for an Inclusive Season

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Here are five ways to demonstrate diversity leadership and make this an inclusive season for everyone in your organization. 1- Provide opportunities for employees to share symbols and stories about the holidays and important events they observe. Items can be placed on display with a written description describing the tradition. This can be an opportunity to learn about different cultures…

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Why Your Employees Need Community and Inclusion Now

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I just returned from the Global HRD Congress in Mumbai where I received the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award and also led a panel on Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation. The conference was amazing. Not just because of the incredible people I met from over 100 countries, but also because of how included the conference organizers made us feel, and…

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5 Ways to Demonstrate Diversity Leadership During the Holiday Season

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Here are 5 ways to demonstrate diversity leadership and make this an inclusive season for everyone in your organization. Make sure your Holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise. Decorations and food should be general, and non-specific to any religion or include decorations and food that represent everyone in your organization. Ask employees what symbols and decorations that would…

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More Diversity Seeks Technology Industry

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If you’ve been following the news, you know there is a lack of women, and people of color in the technology industry. However,  consumers of technology are from every diversity dimension. Lack of diversity in these organizations, means lack of different kinds of ideas, and can eventually be obstacles to new ideas and problem solving. Any company that wants to…

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Good Diversity Leadership, and Breakthrough Innovation #5 (of 10)

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5-Learn and recognize the different ways in which people are intelligent and contribute to the organization. Stop being stuck in recognizing and respecting only one type of intelligence (yours.) So often in my diversity and inclusion programs, people will make comments like,”I have no problem with people who are different. I respect everyone.” First of all, if you think that…

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Fostering Breakthrough Innovation Through Diversity Leadership #4

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Here is the 4th Way to Foster Breakthrough Innovation Through Diversity Leadership. 4- Be introspective and get real about your biases and assumptions. Your behavior that results from those biases and assumptions can impede participation and innovation. Ask yourself, “Whom am I not seeing?  Do I greet all of my employees or just the ones who are like me?  Do…

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Fostering Breakthrough Innovation With Good Diversity Leadership #2

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2-Be informed about your employees but don’t micromanage.  Acknowledge the progress no matter how small, made by people on your team.    Research by Theresa M. Amabile and Steven  J. Kramer shows that employees are motivated when their managers are aware of and acknowledge even their small wins. Be specific! Don’t just say “Good job.” That means nothing and is…

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25 Ways to Measure How Well You Manage Diversity

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Traits of a Diverse Organization 1- Everyone is seen, as part of the organization’s diversity and the goal is to make everyone’s needs and concerns a part of the mainstream diversity effort. 2- Top management endorses and actively champions the company’s diversity initiatives. 3- A diverse organization’s culture is based on inclusion and not just on representation. 4- There are…

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Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Action #6- Get Out Of Your Own Head

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To Practice Diversity and Inclusion Leadership, Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Head If you are in conflict with another person, or disagree on an issue, put yourself in their position. Imagine the world from their vantage point, and experiences, and not  from your own. You’ll be better able to understand the reason for their behavior, viewpoint or feeling.  This will…

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Homophobia and Transphobia Are Not a Matter of Diversity and Inclusion Opinion

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Supporting homophobia and/or racism, is not a “matter of opinion,” it is racism and homophobia. I believe in meeting people where they are to take them to another level and educate them in ways that are relevant to them. I’m always curious and learn when I hear different sides, opinions and perspectives on issues. However, being anti-LGBT under the guise…

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