Real Diversity & Inclusion= Integration + Empathy

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Diversity/inclusion will not succeed if it does not include empathy/integration and a holistic vision for culture change, that goes way beyond the workplace. Real diversity and inclusion is a process with a goal of full integration into an organization’s DNA. That means creating an individual mindset, and an organizational culture of empathy. Real empathy means being willing, and taking the…

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Does Diversity Training Alone Work? Not without an inclusive culture change

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A friend sent me the article, from the Harvard Business Review “Diversity Training Doesn’t Work,” by Peter Bregman and asked my thoughts. Here they are This is not a revolutionary revelation. The article was based on one diversity class. I don’t know where or when he took diversity training, but it sounds like it was an old model of “good…

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The Diversity Calling; building community, one story at a time

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I am so excited that our new book, The Diversity Calling; building community one story at a time, is now available on Amazon. What do a Jewish woman from the Bronx, a black Baptist minister from Oakland and a female corporate executive raised by an Egyptian,Muslim father and a white Christina mother have in common? They along with 6 other…

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Marching With Martin Luther King in 1963; a diversity & inclusion hero

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In January, we celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King- who was one of the leading inclusionists in US history. I got to witness inclusionist history in 1963 when I attended the March on Washington with 250,000 other people, and this week I was honored to be a featured guest on two radio shows to share my experience. I was…

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Leading Today's Workforce; from Bogota

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I’m in Bogota, Colombia, getting ready to speak at the HTM Summit for America Empresarial on Leading Today’s New Workforce. I’m going to talk about employee inclusion, engagement, and participation. While each employee is an individual, if you understand the strategy and process to enlist employees in the mission of the organization, you can help almost any employee do their…

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Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays: It's about more than just a simple "Happy Holidays" greeting card.

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Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays: It’s about more than just a simple “Happy Holidays” greeting card. by Simma Lieberman Guess who’s not celebrating Christmas this year? Millions of people in the US. That’s right. Tens of millions of Americans don’t celebrate Christmas religiously, either as followers of non-Christian religions (Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews) or as individuals with no religious affiliation….

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