Pitfalls of Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

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The United States population is diverse. It’s no longer a question of when the workforce will change. It already has. There has been a huge increase in women, people of color and immigrants in the workforce in the last 25 years. Diversity is not just a good idea today. It is a business imperative if you want to stay competitive…

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Does Your Organization Suffer From "Hidden Genius Constipation"

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Does Your Organization Suffer From These Symptoms of “Hidden Genius Constipation”? 1- People in your organization have great ideas for new products and services but they have no  outlet to express them. Innovation stays in the realm of the product development team, or with your “regular” stars. No matter how diverse your workforce is, if people can’t show what they can…

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Do You Suffer From Diversity and Inclusion Gaps?

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  I was working with a large Fortune 500 company considered to be one of the diversity and inclusion leaders. The CEO was championing diversity. He had all the right policies and procedures in place. Senior management was more diverse.  Culture at that level was starting to change. A young African-American man pulled me aside to talk. He said he was the…

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Ten Ways Diversity and Inclusion Can Foster Innovation

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Ten Ways To Foster Amazing Innovation Through Diversity Leadership   In this business era of speed, competition and globalization, innovation rules all. You never know where the next great product, process or profit builder will originate. Good Diversity Management and Culturally Intelligent Leadership can make the difference between repeatedly hearing mediocre ideas from the same people, or mining the hidden…

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Benefits of Filtering Out Bias

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A key component of any diversity and inclusion/ culture change process is the ability to understand one’s own biases and assumptions.  Learning to recognize personal unconscious biases and assumptions, enables leaders to see the world through other peoples’ eyes, and practice “inclusionist leadership” behaviors.  This results in  employees having opportunity and motivation to use their skills and experience to be…

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