Pitfalls of Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

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The United States population is diverse. It’s no longer a question of when the workforce will change. It already has. There has been a huge increase in women, people of color and immigrants in the workforce in the last 25 years. Diversity is not just a good idea today. It is a business imperative if you want to stay competitive…

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Three Ways to Stop Diversity Stress

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Stop Diversity Stress   Working with people who are different than you can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. It may be hard for many of us to admit, especially with all the conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion. Denying being uncomfortable won’t make you more comfortable. If you’ve ever experienced “Diversity Stress,” and want stop it, keep reading….

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Stop Hating- Chicago Anti-Diversity Dyke Marchers

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It’s crazy when I see the ultra-left and the ultra-right merging in their ignorance, hatred and narrow-mindedness. Too bad we can’t send them to an island to fight it out or whatever they want to do with their leisure, elitest, exclusionary time. I just wish they would stay out of my city, gay pride (right wing Christians picketing and ultra-left…

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It's Ok to Feel Awkward About Race

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  Talking about race with people who are different than you can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and doable. The fact is racism exists, racial conflict exists, and inequality still exists.  To say that we are post-racial is nonsense. To say that everyone is the same is nonsense. And to say that we should all be color blind…

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How Do You Make People Feel Included?

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Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Cultural Competency- in some circles they have become buzzwords. Organizations, individuals and departments use these terms almost interchangeably. It’s good to believe in their importance, however unless they are connected to concrete actions, they remain good ideas, or buzzwords. So then, what do you do to make people feel included? How do you know they feel included,…

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8 More Days- Unleash Hidden Genius & Maximize Talent

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Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Find and Unleash Hidden Genius  With Our October Offer Are you wiling to make a small investment to unleash unused or underutilized talent in the next 8 days? Is it essential to maximize talent? What happens when you don’t? Is it worth $4,000 to have more of your employees working to their full potential, sharing…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Hello

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Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Hello   September is coming fast as people return to work, school, and home.  This is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with new people and break out of social and work silos. There are three common threads through countless interviews and focus groups I’ve conducted in a wide range of organizations: 1-  …

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Why I Want My Harriet Tubman $20.00 Bill

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I applaud the decision to put Harriet Tubman, fugitive slave who helped hundreds of slaves escape to freedom  on the face of the 20.00 bill. She was my childhood hero.  Not everyone agrees. According to Donald Trump, she was a great person, but putting her on the 20 bill, is just about political correctness, whatever that means. Political correctness seems…

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Major Missteps That Make Mergers Fail

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  A reporter asked me for three reasons that mergersa and acquisitions fail. Here are the reasons I gave, along with solutions. 1– Not seeing mergers and acquisitions as a diversity and inclusion issue between organizations. When people feel left out and/or that they have no control of a situation, they create “facts’ and information to fit the gaps. This…

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Why "Employee Engagement" Sometimes Makes Me Want to Plug My Ears

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Why “Employee Engagement” Sometimes Makes Me Want to Plug My Ears  There are times when I hear the term employee engagement and just want to add the words, “blah, blah, blah!” Here is reason number one of five. The other four will follow in additional posts. 1-Employee engagement has become a buzzword with no meaning in some workplaces. What some…

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