Preparing To Talk About Race

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Talking About Race, Sometimes Awkward But Always Necessary; Let’s start now Talking about race with people who are different than you can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and doable. The fact is racism exists, racial conflict exists, and inequality still exists. If you’re interested in beginning the conversation read on. Even some people who work in the diversity…

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Necessary Conversations About Race

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In my last post I said that conversations about race may be awkward but are very necessary. A woman sent me a comment that said, “if  you didn’t mention race so much, it wouldn’t be an issue. You’re perpetuating division.” Issues like the scarcity of people of color in the technology industry and the excuses and false belief that there…

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Diversity and Inclusion is Now Relevant More Than Ever

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A long-term client recently called me worried that Diversity and Inclusion would be put on the business back burner. “What will happen to support for Diversity and Inclusions now that Trump is president,” he asked. I replied with three of my own questions, “Are you still committed? Do you still see the business benefits? Are you going to continue leveraging…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Hello

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Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Hello   September is coming fast as people return to work, school, and home.  This is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with new people and break out of social and work silos. There are three common threads through countless interviews and focus groups I’ve conducted in a wide range of organizations: 1-  …

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Do You Suffer From Diversity and Inclusion Gaps?

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  I was working with a large Fortune 500 company considered to be one of the diversity and inclusion leaders. The CEO was championing diversity. He had all the right policies and procedures in place. Senior management was more diverse.  Culture at that level was starting to change. A young African-American man pulled me aside to talk. He said he was the…

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Transgender Danger in the Bathroom

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After posting an article on LinkedIn about Target and Transgender rights including using the right bathroom, someone asked why I would use the word hater for someone who just had a different point of view. She said that it was just a disagreement about whether men should use the women’s bathroom and women should use the men’s bathroom. Unfortunately, a…

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Ten Ways Diversity and Inclusion Can Foster Innovation

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Ten Ways To Foster Amazing Innovation Through Diversity Leadership   In this business era of speed, competition and globalization, innovation rules all. You never know where the next great product, process or profit builder will originate. Good Diversity Management and Culturally Intelligent Leadership can make the difference between repeatedly hearing mediocre ideas from the same people, or mining the hidden…

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